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Sustainable Community Award (APKM)

This award has been introduced since year 2002 to recognize the initiative and successful community achievements in improving the environment and community sustainability. The assessment of this sustainable community initiatives are based on 5 main principles, which is Environment, Economy, Culture & Community, Living and Governance in accordance with the 5 directions of the Strategic Plan “Sustainable Petaling Jaya 2030”.

This prestigious award has been given a new dimension to the implementation of "Local Agenda 21" Petaling Jaya and has sparked a variety of best practices among the Petaling Jaya and promotes sustainable community initiatives. APKM is open to all registered Residents Society (PP), Neighbourhood Watch Groups (RT), the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) in Petaling Jaya Area.


There are 13 resident society /  Neighbourhood Watch group competed in APKM of year 2014.

Champion (2014) : Resident Welfare Society of Pangsapuri Petaling Perdana
Development Grants: RM 50,000

Projects / Programmes
Infrastructure Project
1. Cabin as Community Centre
•    Office Equipments
•    Air Conditioning

Community Programme
1. Spring Cleaning
2. Citizen Sports

•    A Complete and Comfortable Facilities in the Community Centre.
•    Strengthen Unity Spirit
•    Promotes Healthy Lifestyle
•    Improve Cleanliness of the Neighbourhood

1st Runner Up (2014) : Apartment Residents Society of Idaman (IRAS)
Development Grants: RM 25,000

Projects / Programmes
Infrastructure Project
1. Futsal Court
2. Road Pavement
3. PKKPJ Operations Office

Safety Initiatives
1. Fire Squad

Community Programme
1. Mawlid (Birth of Islamic Prophet)
2. Independence Day Celebration

•    A more comfortable living environment
•    A Complete and Comfortable Facilities in the Community Centre.
•    Improve Fire Safety

•    Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

2nd Runner Up (2014) : Resident Society of Taman Megah
Development Grants: RM 10,000

Projects / Programmes
Safety Initiatives
1. Community Policing
2. 2 Piece of CCTV
•    Vest
•    Patrolling Equipments

Green Initiatives
1. Recycling Centre

•    Cultivate a sense of unity and belonging among the residents.
•    Improve Safety in the Neighbourhood
•    Promotes Recycling Activities among the residents.



‘PJ City Foodbank’ is a project under Local Agenda 21 Petaling Jaya Programme. This project had obtained support from Solid Waste Management Department (JSPN) by providing necessary tools for project management.

MBPJ will receieve supplies from various food sources such as local factories, supermarkets, bakeries, hotels, and restaurants.These food supplies will then transported to the residents in need, including Orphan houses, Old folks houses, and homes for the disabled.

Operation Center
PJ City Food Bank operates at: A-G-10, Tingkat Bawah, Blok A, Pusat Perniagaan Seksyen 8 (8th Avenue), Jalan Sungai Jerneh 8/1, Seksyen 8, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Donators / Vendors
Agreed companies to donate foods are as belows:
  • Dutch Lady Milk Industried Berhad
  • Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
  • Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Vacaron Company Sdn Bhd (A joint venture between Frasr & Neave Holding Bhd  & FCL Centrepoint)
  • Mirabelle Patisseries Sdn Bhd
  • Cherry Cake House
Transport Vehicles
A van has been donated by Syarikat Kayu Nasik Kandar to the project as a transport vehicle to transport food supplies from the operation centre to those in needs.

There are 43 volunteers to date had agreed to assist on packaging supplies, label and record supplies from donators for the recipients. These vonlunteers are members from non-government organization, students and individuals includes:
  • Persatuan Warganegara Kanan Selangor
  • Shelter Home
  • Woman’s Institute
  • Kelab Kebajikan Wanita Petaling Jaya Selatan
Target Recipients
These supplies will be transported to poor man’s houses, orphan houses, old folks houses and homes for the disabled in Petaling Jaya, including:
  • Rumah Insaniah Dr. Siti Hasmah
  • Stella Maris Home
  • Care Home, Jalan Gasing
  • PJ Nursing Home
  • NASAM and others
Further Enquiries
The council welcomes any party including companies, food producers, markets, and restaurants to contribute supplies for this project. Volunteers are also invited to join together to help ensure the success of this project. Any further enquiries can be made to:

Bahagian Pembangunan Mampan
Jabatan Perancangan Pembangunan
Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya
Tingkat 2, Ibu Pejabat MBPJ
Jalan Yong shook Lin,
46675 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 03-7956 3544 ext 370/374
Fax : 03-7958 8392

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has signed ‘Letter of Intent’ (LOI) as an agreement between Petaling Jaya City and Miyoshi Town Hall, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The purpose of this ‘Letter of Intent’ is to promote peace, life, friendship and good understanding and beneficial to both the people of the city.

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has agreed to adopt the Low Carbon Cities Framework (LCCF) prepared by keTTHA and MIP as guidance in its effort to transform Petaling Jaya to a Low Carbon City on 14th December 2010. This was a follow up action in responding to our nation's commitment to achieve 40% decrease in carbon generation per GDP in the 2007 COP 15 Climate Change. Pursuant to that, a workshop organised by the Petaling Jaya's Low Carbon Green City Task Force, involving council members and relevant technical department, was held on 1-2nd June 2011 at Sakinah Eco Resort, Janda baik Pahang to draft a Low Carbon Strategic Framework, Energy Saving Action Plan and Petaling Jaya Green Manual. In the Petaling Jaya's Low Carbon City Action Plan and Green Manual meeting dated 30th June 2011, it was agreed that the said documents will be adopted and subsequently approved by the Council on 28th July 2011.

MBPJ's forefront in climate change and reduction of carbon dioxide was a continuation from the Local Agenda 21. MBPJ was a pioneer in implementing Local Agenda 21's programs in Malaysia since 1996, 4 years after  the Agenda 21 was created and signed by 178 countries during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Agenda 21 which consist  40 Chapters which have grouped into 4 Sections with 28 Principles, is the world's commitment towards initiatives in overcoming environmental pollutions and challenges in sustainable development. After the appointment by the Ministry of Housing and Local Councils and United Nations Development Programmes, with 3 other local councils, to spearhead LA 21's pioneer project in 2000, MBPJ's continuous effort has garnered numerous recognitions and accolades from various stakeholders. MBPJ is focusing in multiple aspects namely social integration, safety, environmental conservation, capacity building and education as well as publicity.

MBPJ has also being offered by the Carbon Trust United Kingdom to participate in Low Carbon Cities Malaysia program which aims to assist local councils in Malaysia to prepare carbon reduction plan and efficient energy utilization in local council's administrative buildings. The programme will be carried out for 6 months and funded by UK Government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The program will assist MBPJ to establish strategies for carbon reduction in MBPJ's building within 5 years period. 

Task Force Organisation of Low Carbon Green City of Petaling Jaya
The Task Force of Low Carbon Green City of Petaling Jaya was established on 14 December 2010 in accordance with the implementation of Low Carbon Cities Framework (LCCF), produced by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) and Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP).

The committee members include 5 Councillors of MBPJ and 2 representatives of NGO namely CETDEM and MIP.

The main function of the committee are :-
  • To plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation of LCCF and Low Carbon Green City Action Plan of Petaling Jaya
  • To promote low carbon green initiative of MBPJ and Petaling Jaya
  • Capacity building for all stakeholders in Petaling Jaya pertaining to Low Carbon Green City of Petaling Jaya
  • To apprise the top management of Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) on the planning and progress of the Low Carbon Green City of Petaling Jaya 







Kota seni merupakan ilham daripada kerajaan negeri Selangor dimana usaha ini perlu digarap dan direalisasikan bagi memastikan budaya dan seni yang ada di Negara kita boleh diperolehi dan dirasai hanya di Petaling Jaya.

Kota Seni diadaptasi berteraskan kebudayaan dan kesenian yang ada di Malaysia dimana ianya perlu ditonjolkan bagi memastikan ianya tidak ditelan zaman di era kemodenan ini. Jesteru itu, pembangunan fizikal perlu disokong dengan elemen kebudayaan dan kesenian bagi memastikan Kota Seni berjaya di realisasikan.

Elemen kebudayan dan kesenian terdiri daripada muzik, visual, audio, tarian, lukisan, seni kraftangan, barangan vintage, pakaian dan lain-lain yang berunsurkan kerja seni. Oleh itu, dengan adanya Kota Seni di Petaling Jaya penduduk setempat dan pelancong boleh memahami dan menghayati  konsep seni dan budaya serta mendapatkan produknya.
Kesenian dan kebudayaan Malaysia juga secara demokratis, dimana penduduknya boleh menerima kepelbagaian seni dan budaya ini dan Kota Seni tertumpu di Pusat Bandar Petaling Jaya yang mampu meningkatkan taraf ekonomi setempat dimana matlamat jangka panjang ialah untuk menarik minat dan perhatian penduduk setempat khususnya dan pelancong asing secara amnya.

Disamping itu, Kota Seni merupakan platform untuk penggiat seni tempatan untuk menonjolkan bakat mereka. Tambahan pula, dengan adanya Kota Seni, penduduk setempat juga akan mendapat keuntungan dimana infrastruktur dikawasan setempat akan dinaiktarafkan serta menjadi kawasan yang strategik.

Oleh itu, di Kota Seni nanti akan berlangsungya pementasan muzik, tarian, penunjukan karya sastera, seni dan filem dan penjualan produk seni secara karya jalanan. Kota seni bukan sahaja untuk memberi kemudahan kepada penduduk tempatan bahkan kepada pelancong asing yang mahu merasai dan memperoleh seni dan budaya Malaysia hanya di satu tempat yang menarik dan unik, tetapi ianya juga sebagai penghargaan kepada penggiat seni yang selama ini sebagai penjaga warisan turun menurun.

  1. Menjadikan Petaling Jaya sebagai bandar Seni dan Budaya di mana  elemen produk seni dan aktiviti budaya yang ada di Malaysia dihimpunkan di sini.
  2. Menyedia, mengurus, menyelenggara dan menjaga segala aset dan elemen seni negara Malaysia yang terdapat di dalam Kota Seni.
  3. Memberi penghargaan dan peluang khusus kepada penggiat seni untuk terus berkarya dan memperkenalkan ianya kepada generasi Y.
  4. Memartabatkan produk seni dan aktiviti budaya tempatan ke taraf antarabangsa melalui program yang bakal berlangsung.
  5. Menjadikan Kota Seni Petaling Jaya sebagai pusat tumpuan kepada penduduk tempatan dan pelancong asing bagi pencinta seni dan budaya.
Bagi memastikan Kota Seni Petaling Jaya ini dapat direalisasikan seiring dengan arahan daripada pihak kerajaan Negeri Selangor yang mahu menjadikan bandar Petaling Jaya mempunyai identiti seni dan budaya dan seterusnya dikenali oleh orang ramai mestilah mempunyai tempat yang menarik untuk dilawati. Dasar pelaksaan ini ialah jentera yang terpenting bagi menggerakkan perkembangan Kota Seni dan MBPJ telah memutuskan untuk memilih tiga badan untuk diperjuangkan di polisi Kota Seni iaitu Persembahan Seni, Seni Lukisan dan Pasar Budaya.

Tiga badan yang terpilih mempunyai bertanggungjawab untuk menyusun program yang akan dijalankan untuk Kota Seni Petaling Jaya dimana ianya berperanan sebagai senjata yang sangat penting bagi menghidupkan Kota Seni ini. Kategori-kategori ini dipilih kerana mempunyai elemen seni dan budaya yang merupakan teras Kota Seni iaitu mahu menjadikan Petaling Jaya sebagai bandar yang menjulang seni dan budaya Malaysia. Oleh itu, pemilihan tiga kategori ini sangat terperinci bagi memastikannya ianya tidak lari dari tujuan sebenar.  Penjelasan mengenai objektik dan misi Kota Seni ini telah diberi kepada badan yang bertanggungjawab di dalam menguruskan program bagi memastikan mereka sebati dengan acuan yang diperlukan.

Oleh itu, ketiga-tiga badan ini diberikan masa percubaan bagi membuktikan mereka benar-benar berkebolehan untuk menghidupkan Kota Seni Petaling Jaya ini. Ini merupakan perkara terpenting bagi memastikan tujuan utama penubuhan Kota Seni ini tidak tersimpang dan matlamat tercapai. Jesteru itu, tiga badan ini hendaklah berusaha sehabis baik bagi merealisasikan polisi Kota Seni ini dengan mewujudkan bandar seni dan budaya. Segala modul dan program di bawah penyelarasan ketiga-tiga badan ini hendaklah bertemakan seni dan budaya yang ada di Malaysia dan mestilah tidak lari dari tema yang telah ditetapkan kerana ghairah di dalam melaksanakan projek tersebut.


Pasar Budaya Petaling Jaya adalah idea yang diinspirasikan dari pengumuman komitmen Kerajaan Negeri Selangor kepada Agenda Seni melalui Polisi Kota Seni di bawah tanggungjawab Green Planet. Ia dapat memenuhi kehendak kerajaan terutama dari aspek menjadikan budaya seni sebagai cabang ekonomi negeri. Melalui Pasar Budaya Petaling Jaya, penggerak dan aktivis seni mendapat ruang untuk tujuan perniagaan dan pameran produk seni masing-masing. Ruang ini sangat di perlukan oleh penggerak dan aktivis seni untuk meneruskan kerjaya dan meluaskan pasaran produk mereka di kawasan yang memiliki nilai pasaran penduduk kelas pertengahan dan tinggi.

  1. Merancakkan ekonomi seni di Selangor sesuai dengan hasrat Agenda Kota Seni Kerajaan Negeri Selangor bagi Bandaraya Petaling Jaya
  2. Membuka ruang perniagaan di kawasan bernilai tinggi bagi peniaga dan golongan seni memasarkan barangan dan perkhidmatan mereka.
  3. Melahirkan masyarakat sentiasa hidup dengan interaksi sihat melalui aktiviti seni, kebudayaan dan intelektual.
  4. Membuka ruang untuk penggiat seni melakukan aktiviti seperti nyanyian, teater jalanan, pameran arca dan lukisan.
  5. Memperkasakan peniaga melalui didikan penjenamaan dan platform perniagaan yang sesuai dengan perkembangan ekonomi terkini.


Area (km2)




Residential Unit


Town / City