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    Sustainable City Petaling Jaya - Culture & Community

    Safe, Harmonious & Caring Society

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Safe, Harmonious & Caring Society
We embrace a diversity of vibrant, safe, harmonious, healthy and caring society. We respect the uniqueness of each individual while creating and maintaining a cohesion that unifies us as a community.

PJ City Food Bank

Introduction ‘PJ City Foodbank’ is a project under Local Agenda 21 Petaling Jaya Programme. This project had obtained support from Soli...
Safe City Programme

The Implementation of 15 Steps Towards Safe City Programme of Petaling Jaya Step 1 : Segregation of Pedestrian Walkway from Motorcycle Lane Step...
Neighbourhood Safety Team Petaling Jaya (PKKPJ)

Petaling Jaya Neighbourhood Safety Watch (PKKPJ) Programme has been implemented at the Council’s level since 2011. The programme was established...
Community Wellbeing Programme (SEJATI)

Community Wellbeing Programme or better known as SEJATI Programme is a comprehensive efforts of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to provede assis...
Social Intergration Strengthening dan Healthy Lifestyle Programme

OBJECTIVES:- To drive human capital development to increase self potential amongst the communities of Petaling Jaya by planning, implementing and coo...