Eco Bazaar

Eco Bazaar Programme for Bazaar Visitors Who Brought Their Own Food Container

Initiatives : The said programmed was introduced to encourage the public to carry their own food container. Thus, it is hoped that it will reduce the hazardous Styrofoam and at the same time would be able to reduce garbage disposal and land fill area.

Itinerary : Booth managed by staff of Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning was opened at certain stipulated time and venues. Public were required to show food containers they brought from home which were filled with food items purchased at the bazaar. Following that, visitors were rewarded with basic food items namely sugar, flour, cooking oil and others

Duration : The initial programme was organised during  the month of Ramadhan 2015 from 20 June 2015  to 12 July 2015

Activity that we organized :
  1. Selling of bazar form at Kelana Jaya stadium on 30 mac 2015
  2. Audit voting ball with application form for tha Ramadan bazar site number 2015
  3. Voting of bazar site number at MBPJ Civic Hall
  4. Visiting Ramadan bazar together with the mayor, exco and media prima throughout Ramadan.