Rainwater Harvesting System (SPAH)

SPAH is one of the concepts in rainwater conservation that can save tap water utilization. SPAH is implemented in residential building that use tank for water storage. Rainwater will be collected in the tank on their roof top and functioned as permanent water source

Other than that, the system also increase public’s knowledge and awareness on green technology and use of natural source water. SPAH installation is one of the indicators for Green Building Index(GBI)

Components that are required for system are :-
  1. Installation of gutter on the edge of the rooftop awning
  2. Underground pipe
  3. 2 units of water barrel / tank
  4. Main tank (rain bank)
  5. Delvey pump
  6. First flush
  7. Wiring
  8. Pipe installation
  9. Exhibition panel