ICT Strategic Plan

MBPJ’s ICT Strategic Development Plan  2012 – 2015 is a blueprint developed in line with the  Office of the Secretary of the State of Selangor Information Technology Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 and in support of Petaling Jaya City Council ‘s Strategic Plan to ensure that the ICT plan and development are in accordance with action plan and planned programmes implementation and activities. At the same time, the plan supports Public Sector ICT’s  vision which was implemented by MAMPU).
The ICT Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015 is also a reference material for the heads of department, officers and other personnel in preparing the annual work target and budget for the next four years,  2012 until 2015 to achieve the Council’s ICT vision, mission and objectives.
The ICT Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015 takes into consideration all required aspects in delivering a better quality service in line with the requirement of internal divisions and the people of Petaling Jaya in achieving the vision of Pioneer, Dynamic and Sustainable Petaling Jaya.
In conclusion, the ICTMBPJ Strategic Plan (2012 – 2015) is a blueprint for the Petaling Jaya City Council to develop and optimize the ICT application to achieve its direction and strategic objectives. The strategic plan needs to be monitored from time to time and periodically being  re evaluated to ensure it stays relevant and align with the direction and changes in business environment of the  Petaling Jaya City Council Administration.