Online Services (e-OSC, e-payment and others)

Other than ePay@MBPJ which offer various online payment transaction services, MBPJ’s website also provide other numerous online services. Through the website, visitors can verify compound summonses, lodge complaints, review complaints status, check payment status to the contractors, online application for various types of license, OSC application and processing, external e-advertisement application, PJGIS services, access to the Petaling Jaya Community Library collection and Rakan Muda Online. All these online services are made available to facilitate MBPJ’s customers to get in touch with MBPJ by providing alternative avenues for them to do so.  MBPJ strongly encourage all customers to take the opportunity to use the online services as it saves time and accessible anytime, anywhere.
Amongst the developed online services are:-
  1. e-Aduan
The e-Aduan system was introduced in 2004 and has been continuously improved from time to time. The system aims to enable and facilitate the people of Petaling Jaya to lodge complaints and monitor actions taken by the Council in addressing the said complaints via online compared to the conventional methods of having to go to MBPJs’ counter or calling the hotline. The system is accessible via url://
  1. e-Pay
The e-Pay system was developed in October 2008 with the objective to provide alternative to the people of Petaling Jaya to pay their bills online namely payment for compound, assessment tax, licenses, rental, bookings and others.
Through the system, there are 3 payment gateways which are via individual account (FPX), credit cards (MIGS) and corporate accounts. Several institutions namely Maybank, CIMb Bank, Bank Islam, RHB Bank and Hong Leong Banks are involved . Until October 2014, there were 20,433 transaction recorded for the e-Pay system utilization.
  1. e-License (QR Code)

The e-License system (QR Code) is one the many innovations introduced to improve the Council’s licensing systems whereby since January 2014, all premises sticker, business / hawkers licenses and employee’s card are provided with QR code
The system assist the Council to check, monitor and enforce appropriate action with regards to the information and licensing status of the premise. Besides Council’s workforce, the public can also use the use the system on their smartphones
  1. PJVMS
PJ Vehicle Management System (PJVMS) was first introduced in 2014 with the objective to monitor Council’s live vehicle movement via the GPS (Geographical Positioning System) system application.

The system enables the Council to identify locations of staff and Council’s vehicle nearest and fastest to incident scene in the event of emergency or disaster. During initial stage, the GPS system are  only installed in Council’s  enforcement vehicles and will be expanded  to encompass solid waste management aspects and others.