Business License Application

Business License is a control measure tool for a local authority. Before issuing a license, there are few conditions to be fulfilled by the applicant.  By complying to the conditions stated in the Undang – Undang Kecil Pelesenan MBOJ 2007, clients of the business premises will be rest assured and confident to conduct their business with the licensed premise.
Each business premise license owner is responsible to apply the business license and the local authority is deemed responsible to ensure that all business premise are licensed.
In achieving this objective, MBPJ has implemented several initiatives public involving public participation including the introduction of premise’s sticker with QR code in 2013 that was hoped to serve as a mechanism to the enforcers and public to know whether the premise is licensed to conduct business activities, However, after one year of implementation, it is found out that the method was not well received. Based from the Council’s findings, one of the reasons why it was being unsuccessful was that the sticker was not placed at strategic areas or worst not being placed at all.
Pursuant to that, in 2016, the Council will enforce a mandatory for the sticker to be placed in accordance with Council’s guidelines .One of the main criteria is that the sticker to be placed not more than 6 feet high from the floor.
To facilitate the business licence application by the applicants, the Council has provide application forms which listed all the specific guidelines for certain activities with the objective to provide a more transparent service, educating the public who are applying for business license and to create trust for the Council.
The Council has also introduced immediate issuance of licence at the counter for temporary and permanent license as well as acknowledgement card where he immediate issuance would enable the applicants to conduct their business activities and proceed with relevant business matters
To further improve the transparency and efficient service delivery, starting in 2016, the Council will implement a notification system for license application status where the holders of temporary business license and acknowledgement cards will be able to check the status of their permanent license application and determine at which stage their application are being processed.
To renew the said license in 2016, several initiatives will be implemented  which include the introduction of self-check system by user via smartphone.
User may conduct the self-check through an accessible system at via computer ir smartphone  with internet connectivity and accessibility.
Through the above link, clients an access:-
  1. License application status
  2. Frequently asked questions
  3. Guidelines for license application.