MBPJ Courses and Training Programme

  1. List of Organised Seminars and Talks at Dewan Auditorium, Dewan Sivik MBPJ in 2015.
  BIL      DATE /VENUE                   TITLE
   1 6 February 2015
Dewan Auditorium, MBPJ
 'Super' People By Dr. Robiah binti Kulup Hamzah Motivational talk to inspire employees to continuously improve own’s ability in dealing with challenges  positively.
   2 3 April  2015
Dewan Auditorium, MBPJ.
”Integrity = Happiness?”  By Pn. Mazdurah Mohd Zin from LIT Training Consultants As an awareness to  employees that integrity is a value that can bring happiness to oneself and may improve one’s ability to overcome any life’s challenges positively
   3 12, 19 dan 26 June  2015
Dewan Auditorium, MBPJ
Programmes in conjunction with the Holy Month of  Ramadhan for employees of  MBPJ
1.Ustaz Mohd Elias Ismail
2. Ustaz Badli Shah Alaudin
3. Ustaz Haslin Baharin dan Angah Raja lawak
To educate on improving lifelong beneficial Islamic practices especially during the month of Ramadhan
   4 11 September 2015 Dewan Auditorium, MBPJ
Motivational Talk – ”La Tahzan..Diary of A  Mujahidah in Gaza Dan Syria with Heliza Helmi for MBPJ’s employess
To improve one’s confidence and integrity
   5 16 October 2015 Integrity Talk ”Message From Prison’ By Syarikat CJ Global Venture.
To inspire  employees to practice ethical working culture and not to be involved with bribery
  1. Motivational Programmes
  BIL      DATE / VENUE                         COURSES
   1 23 - 25 February 2015
Impian Hotel Morib, Banting
Super Communications Course : Effective Strategic Communications for Organisation for Officers and Staff of Enforcement Division. To assist the organisation to excel and to provide awareness on the way people think and receive information. 
   2 4 – 6 Mac 2015.
Gold Coast, Morib
Kursus Kepimpinan Dan Kemahiran Pengurusan Konflik Serta Krisis Bagi Pegawai Dan Kakitangan MBPJ. To enhance leadership skills amongst the officer
   3 5 – 6 Mac  2015.
Grand Dorsett, Subang Jaya.
Workshop on Energy Efficient Management for MBPJ’s employees.
To obtain expert advice on energy efficiency management in realising the MBPJ’s vision to attain the green building status
   4 9 – 11 September 2015.
Felda Residence Trolak, Sungkai, Perak.
7-9 October 2015
Hotel Bayou Lagoon, Melaka
Team Work Enhancement Course (Team Building) for MBPJ’s employees
To enhance and strengthen staff’s motivations and develop a team with strong integrity.
  1. MBPJ’s Staff Enrichment Courses
  BIL   DATE / VENUE                COURSES
    1 3 – 6 March  2015.
Team Buiding Camp, Ampang Pecah.
Proposal to Organise Orientation Program and Self Excellence Course for New Staff of Petaling Jaya City Council
To introduce MBPJ’s vision, mission, objectives and aspirations as well as civil servant etiquette to new joiners.
    2 9 – 11 March 2015.
Hotel Gold Coast, Morib.
13- 15 May 2015.
Primaland Port Dickson.
Customer Service Excellence Course for Frontliners and Telephonists.
To improve customer service skills for  all frontliners staff in delivering quality and efficient service to customers
                3 9, 12 & 26 March 2015
Lecture Hall, Dewan Sivik, MBPJ.
Seminar on Procedure for Witness and Case Exhibits Preparation for Officers and Staff of Enforcement Division, MBPJ
To be able to execute witness preparation task and preserving case exhibits as well as understanding procedures for effective case presentation in Court
    4 25 March 2015.
Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan.
Course on Positive Values for Officers and Staff of Enforcement Division.
To cultivate self discipline and positive behavour to better execute assigned tasks.
    5 25 – 27  May  2015
PD Golf and Resort, Port Dickson 
Hotel Empire Subang /
Hotel Amverton,
Pulau Carey,
Level 15, Menara PKNS, Petaling Jaya.
Basic Finance Management Courses for MBPJ’s employees
-Basic Accounting Course
25-27 May 2015
-Budget Control Course
2-3 July 2015
-Course on Wage, Allowance and Benefits for Civil Servants.
26-28 August 2015
-Course on Job Procurement  
7-8 September 2015
To increase partcipants’  knowledge and skills in finance management.
    6 30 – 31 May 2015.
Holiday Villa Cherating, Pahang.
Enhancing Professionalism in the Management of Taska and Tadika Course
To improve the quality of teaching  amongst the PPMK teachers.
   7 31 May 2015.
Lecture Hall, Dewan Sivik, MBPJ.
Seminar on Account Management and Integrity  JMB/MC MBPJ 2015. To enhance MBPJ’s image with JMB / MC’s systematic acount management
   8 3 June 2015
Meeting Room  Bunga Matahari, Level 2 Menara MBPJ..
Workshop of Task Coordination of the Rapid Response Team (PANTAS) MBPJ
To give exposure to the Officers and Staff of Rapid Response Team (PANTAS)  on task coordination, action, implementation and relevant procedures in providing effective and rapid services.
   9 5 June  2015.
Bilik Gerakan Head Office.
Briefing on World Environmental Day
Environmental and green house gaseous issues
  10 9 June  2015.
Royale Chulan Hotel, Damansara.
Workshop on Enhancing Professionalisme for Admin Assistants
To enhance professionalism level of  Admin Assistants  to overcome challenges
  11 23 – 25 June 2015.
Bilik Gerakan, MBPJ
5-7 October 2015 dan 13 October 2015
Menara PKNS Petaling Jaya
Course for Record Officer and Assistant Officer from all Divisions of MBPJ
To gain insight on regulation for department’s record keeping regulation.
  12 2 - 4 September 2015.
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, Melaka
Report and Proposal Writing Course for Staff of MBPJ
To gain skills in preparing quality proposal paper.
  13 14-15 September 2015
Hotel Ramada Kuala Lumpur
Mentoring and Coaching Course for Mentor and Mentee Appointment at Petaling Jaya City Council
Mentor and Menti are able to coordinate relevant programs to enhance the service quality and excellence in managing Human Resources and at the same elevate Council’s image.
  14 28 – 30 September 2015.
Empress Hotel, Sepang.
Letter, Memo and Minutes Writing Course for MBPJ’s Staff.
To improve writing skills amongst the staff.
  15 15 October 2015
Seminar and Conference Menara PKNS, Petaling Jaya
”Stop Tarzaning” Parenting Workshop  for MBPJ’s Staff
To gain insight regarding  childrens’ subconcious language and thought patterns in order to be  better and successful parents as well as a role model to children.