Livable City Project @ Petaling Jaya

Section 52 Downtown will be developed as Cities for People where development in the half territory downtown will focus on environmental sustainability principle based on pedestrian friendly strategy, econ=mobility, encourage social interaction and traffic calming implementation.

Cheerful Building Project, PJ Square (Redevelopment of C Complex), Ecomobility Park & Village and Feeder Service are new projects planned for Section 53 Downtown to become a more livable as sustainable city.

The areas will be equipped with efficient public transportation system with the implementation of park and ride and feeder service to alleviate downtown’s traffic congestion.
Public Spaces such as square and functional parks will be developed on Complex C business sites and its surrounding areas which in turn will create a livable city and encourage its residents to walk, cycle, socialize within the community and practice healthy lifestyle. Tree planting at existing path way will provide shades and comfort. The planning of Section 52 downtown will also be based on carbon reduction aspect consistent with the adoption of Low Carbon City Framework (LCCF).

Development Concept
Development concept for the pioneer projects emphasized on 6 main components namely economic vibrancy, innovative urban design, green environment, social interaction, barrier free & safe environment and integrated public transport &TOD where each development component comprised of specific programmes and projects for implementation.

Economic Vibrancy
i. Provision of  new facilities infrasturcture (tourist infor centre, sales kiosks, podium canopy, main and mini stage.  
ii. Lightings at Menara MBPJ building. 
Innovative Urban Design
i. Repaint building and infuse cheerfulness elements
ii. Provision of innovated public art

Green Environment
i. Adapting vertical green concept and rooftop garden in Re-green Programme of Section 52

Social Interaction
i. PJ Square
ii. Organizing social activities (street festival, fun ride, yoga, street soccer, dll.)
iii. Open dining, open cinema, artist corner, dll.
iv. PJ Planning Exhibition Centre

Barrier Free & Safe Environment
i. Provision of disabled facilities.

Intergrated Public Transport & TOD
i. Section 52 One Way Street System
ii. Park ‘n’ Ride facility and Asia Jaya LRT Station
iii. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) at Taman Jaya
iv. Cycleways Network
v. Pedestrian-friendly
vi. Ecomobility Park & Village
vii. Feeder services