Buildings & Wall Re-painting

Repainting of old buildings and walls

  1. Petaling Jaya, a satellite city closest to Kuala Lumpur, has the potential to be a unique city that promote its charm as a “City of Arts” to attract a large number of tourists to visit the city. 
  1. Petaling Jaya City has been chosen to participate in a pioneer project to establish itself as  a “City of Arts” as part of it attraction. The Selangor State Government with Standco Cultural are in the midst of collaborating with the two chosen local authority (MBPJ and MBSA) to create “Cities of Arts” in Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam
  1. The City of Arts was conceptualised in line with rapid development in the State of Selangor. Physical development must be supported with cultural and arts elements to portrait its image which is vital to the State in particular and country in general
  1. The Permanent Cultural Committee for the State of Selangor has chosen Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam as pioneers for the City of Arts project which will emphasize on determining and preparing strategic venues, facilities development, planning of cultural and arts activities, branding of arts product to be promoted and other relevant aspects that can further promote Petaling Jaya in the country and abroad.
  1. Petaling Jaya’s City of Arts will emphasize on branding Petaling Jaya especially downtown areas which have potential to be the catalyst in growing various economy sectors especially tourism.
  1. Wall graffiti painting will be accomplished with the establishment of special task force for City of Arts in Petaling Jaya which had its meeting on 2nd July 2015
Objective of Mural Program
  1. Since 2013, the Division has planned to upgrade back alleys of several shophouses in Petaling Jaya to uplift its image. With the program’s implementation, spaces in the city can be optimised and subsequently benefits the shop owner concerned.
  1. In determining the criteria to beautify the back alley, the Division has carried out a pioneer project to see the impact of the changes. The pioneer project was carried out in one of the back alleys at Section 52 Petaling Jaya down town in conjunction with PJ Folk Lore 2014. About 20 shops were involved in the beautification exercise of the said back alleys. Amongst the work done were cleaning, repainting and appointing professional artist to create the mural / 3D as well as to upgrade its surrounding and prepare necessary props based on the agreed concept.
  1. The Division has decided that a long term plan to be drawn to enable Petaling Jaya City to be at the forefront as the clean and safe city especially for pedestrian. The beautification plan of the back alley will be carried out from one down town to other down town in the city.
  1. The Division also encourage shop owners to propose design plan for double frontage business premises. This will not only encourage pedestrian to walk at the alley but   will also be beneficial to their business activities and at the same time give new and refreshing identity to the said downtown.
  1. As the government has the inspiration to turn Petaling Jaya into a City of Arts, the Division is keen to lead the project with support and assistance from several companies and organizations to collaborate in the mural and graffiti painting in Section 52 and Section 14. 
  1. To ensure Petaling Jaya to be a safe and clean city of arts that attracts local and international visitors.