PJ Ecomobility Park

The project has initiated by collaboration between non government organisation CETDEM and MBPJ to create a permanent People Centric Ecomobility Recreational Park giving Preference to Sustainable Transport Option by redesign Taman Jaya at Section 10.

Good Mobility means having reliable, safe and efficient movement of people and goods from one point to another. Unfortunately, valuable human and material resources have to be assigned by City and Town Administrators and Planners to maintain a resemblance a controlled steady flow of vehicles (car, buses, truck) on the roads.

This project will raise the awareness and build capacity of various categories of urban Malaysian to access their respective energy usage for transport in order to motivate them to reduce their use of transport to sustainable levels, thereby also lowering their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their climate change carbon footprint. It is important that this message be brought to adults as well as children.

This project has co-funded by the GEF Small Grant Programme UNDP.